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 'Traffic Navigational Matrix'©/™  Design by  Conceptual Logical™

Image taken late February 2015 (image verified) in Texas Hill Country near dusk.
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Traffic Navigational Matrix'©/

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The next Evolution alongside Intelligent Traffic Systems

ITTS - International Transit Telematic System


{Manage Autonomous User Based Insurance™ & 

Autonomous User Based Insurance™}

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Sum of Alpha


Cloud Matrix Servers

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ITTS has three profound objectives an one minor:

our (planets) Environment    your Safety,  and most importantly 

Open Source Registered Platform (OSRP) for all nations.

Setting a standard world wide, so no matter where you drive

'Intuitive Transit Telematics' is understood by everyone.


ITTS is built around Channeled Telematics from communication 

devices equipped with Avics iChipset™ & iChipsetx

Generating prevailing “Business Telematic Intelligence”™ or BTI™

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Integrity builds Heritage

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Ideate Intelligence

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Forward movement with ‘Intelligent Traffic Systems’

Intuitive ITS commands real-time data signals encapsulated from mobile or static devices, collecting physical events indicating  positional locations for each vehicle in relationship to others with-in the network. Thereby providing stern evidence that pushes Quantum Mathematical Boundaries  displacing momentum and positional points calculated at the same time from multiple XY co-ordinates (Long/Lat) laced together with spacial third dimension Z - Topography and Climatic Expectations commixed with human response amalgamated within the network architectonics, intensifying traffic throughput. 

Xgenasys yields these attributes harnessing relative Quantum Vector Nodes from each vehicle locational movement, creating an  Optimized Overlay Model generated by Dynamic Computational Algorithmic Architecture  illuminating any change caused by perturbations which are then used to determine the current Logical Conceptual Design based on networks Computational Traffic Flow Dynamics  by means of Quantifying Traffic Flow Dynamics merged with Vehicular Traffic Variables using Algorithmic Variations, creating CybrIntelligence where human knowledge is merged with machine language.

a Quantum Telematic Network

Posted December 2, 2014



Xgenasys™  - the 'NxGen Traffic System

'AVICS'™   is a  pending Trade Mark®

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(Concept logged with field notes, images, drawing, emails & discusison with others.  Original thought was TLC - Traffic Light Control)


Analyzing 'Rapid Traffic Congestion Flow Analysis'™

Submitted on October 06, 2012 @ Mozilla Ignite

What is the technological approach, or development roadmap?

'Computational Traffic Flow Dynamics'

Time vs. Distance Rate variables between traffic lights can be optimized by placing RFID chips with GPS location modules (that range from $10 - $100 or less, once demand hits or contract invitations sent) that feeds real-time data to a 'Autovecth'™ (AutoVector Traffic Hub™).  By placing: Autovecth Integrated Chip Set (RFIDGPS)™ - 'AVICS'™ at each traffic light control cabinet or on telephone / light poles, and placing same at various mile markers on freeways that can be utilized in heavier congested areas, with a coordinated implementation throughout all access traffic points, traffic interactions will achieve a structured modeling driven by an App.

Eventually utilizing a dedicated IPv(Set) e.g. 20, etc. for each 'AVICS'™ that identifies a specific ‘tHub Data Point’™, that allows an 'Encrypted Data Push'™ between each central 'Autovecth'™  / 'Command Offices'.  By placing AVICS™ at every signal light location, etc. - each 'tVector Hub'™ feeds Encrypted Traffic Sensors'™ data from each intersection,  traffic entry points, along freeways and other areas.

The 'Nxgen Traffic System'™ - 'Xgenasys'™ - will utilize the compiled information from the 'packet switching networks', modularly woven into a 'Dynamic Computational Algorithmic Architecture'™.  Imagine all vehicles can drive themselves - eventually, taking routes from suggestions/decisions from 'tVector Hub'™  inputs, somewhat eliminating individual driver errors,  for now until full integration with ‘onboard vehicle processor’ (Obvipro™).  With this improved architecture, ‘Network Packet Switching Transmission Paths’™  will result in shorter path delays combined with ‘Algorithmic Buffers’™ that decreases compromised jumps.  The network processes real-time data analysis from each 'AVICS'™  location of all vehicular traffic (packet) situations presenting alternate routes, granular decelorate/accelerated speeds recommendations, accident updates, planned maintenance along with growth projections, etc.

By having a central system - 'Autovecth'™ that receives inputs from a local  'tVector Hub'™  that computes where the bottlenecks are from traffic activity, optimization on the network level is determined throw 'Cybrintelligence'™, which is feed by real time data feeds that have a new technique for 'Data Integrity Composition'™.

Most of the variables needed to make this concept real, is are already in place, only a few loose ends need to tied down - the App, Hub Devices, determination of 'Data Symmetry Gateways Links'™ and some standards for 'Dynamic Isolation Architecture'™, etc.

On a further note: worries about speed indications are achieved by additional placements of  Avics(RFIDGPS)™  within - Subnavsys™ {Sub Navigation System} modules on or near speed sign polls, in the ground, etc., that transmits speed alterations within systems framework.  These modules are 'independent' of the core frameworks IPv[set]* configuration parameters used at the core level.  By using 'Impulse Speed Variations'™  these imputes can enhance traffic flow.  By implementing undesirable 'traffic backups', etc., these imputes  from 'Traffic Light Fragmentation'™  will increase/decrease with modifications as lighter/heavy 'Network Traffic Congestion Artifacts'™  recommendations from the tVector Hub modules that can be reduced down to analyzing the entire system area so that a continuous movement is in place.  While others areas that are tuned to have the entire system area as harmonious arteries in movement.

Note: Empirical research will assertian that for encryption protection, having these ancillary sub systems e.g. lights, speed impulses, cameras, etc. placed  in hierarchical manner that is layered increases restraint of access.

Further Visions: 

These 'tVector Hubs'™   interact with the packet - traffic (light) system to optimize traffic flow by:

      √  This system will significantly reduce law enforcement expenditures. 

      √ There is nothing wrong with having cameras at intersections.  

Any person or entity that states otherwise, has not opportuned themselves with such a loss of someone running a light,

by either  -  knowing someone or feeling it personally.

How will end users interact with it, and how will they benefit?

Traffic errors will be reduced, assisted with preemptive feed back, thereby reducing many resources - both human and also reduction in fuel waste.  Traffic system planning could be improved by knowing the Dynamics of the system.   The  'Dynamic Analytical Lane Allocations'™ can encompass  the auto industry by  continuos data feeds laced into the  Obvipro™  in every vehicle.  Now then sit back and just image what one can do with this infrastructure, a completely new step for vehicles, and beyond.  Next stop, hands free transportation.  To keep things moving in the insurance industry,  that means  protection from errors on both sides,  from any corrupted data that results in damages to or from humans or not.  

√ Allowing drivers to somewhat safely transport themselves and family members through traffic.  Virtually eliminating the need to have your foot on the gas peddle - eventually.

√ Vehicles have data links to same that allows  variable speed variances from  'Recommended Traffic Congestion Options'™.

√ Record fuel reduction by eliminating rabbit starts / stops, idling consumption rates radically decreased. 

√ Assisting in exponential decreases in accidents, stress brought on by careless drivers, decreasing Insurance costs and most importantly Pollution.

√ AVICS will allow insurance carriers to have viable records that will show correlations as to vehicles locations, further reducing doubt as to possible litigation errors.


Using this same concept at its core as previously stated, you can begin to integrate lighting Circuits with these algorithms that further interprets closed circuits data, mixed with the Traffic circuits, the amount of combined energy savings would be staggering.  Making this event happen, would not only benefit or slow our combined 'Fossil Fuel Supply Consumption Rate'™, it would allow humans to grab hold of this trigger that may move us beyond this planet sooner.  One can add in almost every electrical circuit open or closed, with unlimited component modular enhancements.  

How will your app leverage the 1Gbps, sliceable and deeply programmable network?

The realtime tracking system requires high speed reliable networks.  The optimization of the system requires ‘Heavy Data Transfer Capacity’™, from multiple end points.  The physical demands of the real world design will enable crucial changes prior to a production model implementation.

         By conferring with data feeds from each 'AVICS'™ locations, the 'Data Collection Enhancement'™  has exponentially updated itself instantly.  Thereby, integration of same into each vehicles onboard computer that is Up-dated specifically  and designed from 'Encrypted Traffic Data Repositories'™ - 'Autovecth'™ centrally located throughout municipalities, rest stops, etc.   This  viable solution will allow many other notable solutions to integrate more simplistically.

Further by taking 'Traffic Variable Sensitivity Sensors'™  a form of which is already in place at some intersections, carved into the roads using compression/vibration data.   Further usage is for 'Data Integrity Composition Inspections'™  or 'Packet Composition Inspections'™.   Once  this item has been structured to the point of, with each one of the independent feeds mentioned above, with simultaneous interpretations of possible variables from the 'tVector Hubs'™ in association with Lighting Circuits, etc.  You can power down selected or entire areas during night time hours.  Bring them backup as traffic wakes up, if  need be.  Then for safety reasons add infrared cameras.  Taken a bit further, once variables are plotted, some areas can only have lights on every mile or so, determined by traffic flow.  Safety Officers can broaden the scope of this tech feed to minimize reaction times and save fuel possibly shifting man power to internal items that is supported by 'RRT' Rapid Response Teams from two or more teams.   Thereby reallocating internal resources that can be drawn  from certain station areas when necessary.

This same concept with be further enhanced to benefit the trucking industry, not only shipment costs are visible on a minute scale, also fuel consumption variables.   Effectively using 'Traffic Congestion Lane Variables'™, management decisions can be made to close certain lanes for certain types of traffic (only trucks) during peak movements, thereby maneuvering traffic rates based on flow rates. 

Furthermore,  allowing all humans to have access to this assembled data once  shared, reflects our next frontier.  Then sit back and feel the wind that would carry us all a bit further and  closer to Space, it must be without a doubt technology for humans to evaporate themselves from Pure Capitalism without restriction of access - then you will see freedom in 'CyberOpenSource'™.  

With each of the items listed here, along with other modular Apps,   this concept when shared will create a very large amount of revenue,  jobs, new spin-off technologies that once contemplated will shuffle humans into something other than a dream.

This same theory can be utilized in 'CybrCloud' based servers, to further protect Data Integrity. 

This core item has no limits -

If its necessary, we will exert all means to protect our 'good trade name' and pursue all avenues available to prevent the improper usage  by anyone else; 

and further if needed, to allow judicial 'review and determination' in the 'State of Texas' on any violation by others;  for any violation of current 

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including any claims against CyberSquatters or TypoSquatters.

Below is a list of those that have been notified to 'Cease and Desist' all usage of any of our pending trademark

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Will your work be beta-ready by the end of the Development Challenge?

Possibly sooner, with some help from others that see this Vision -

How much effort do you expect this work to take?

Most of the items are already in place. Lacing them altogether into this - App will be an astronomical proportioned benefit.

Do you need help?

Yes from: developers, support from industry experts, mentorship, learning materials and any team member.

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